Maladobís Registered Kennels.

Debbie Savage

679 Manitoba Ave

Winnipeg Manitoba

R2W2H3 (204)-582-4452 (H) 204-880-4451(Cell)

I Debbie Savage owner of maladobsís registered kennel has a contract with _________________

the following contract is that _______________________ purchased:

1 ckc registered pet quality male/female Doberman Pinscher pup. Call name____________

Registered name Maladobís _______________ tattoo# HSE __________. CKC Reg No: ______________Date of Birth ______________ I guarantee that the above named dog Maladobís ________________ is in good health and sound temperament at the time of sale

For 48 hours thereafter. And all shots are up to date for age except rabies. It is understood that at the time of sale this dog is considered to be pet quality. No other guarantee is given except in case of a hereditary defect which develops to the extent it renders the dog unsuitable as a pet; in that instance replacement will be given when one becomes available of same quality, sex, color, this is from one(1) year from date of sale A copy or written statement of autopsy report from your vet is required. The above named dog is sold as a pet and must be fixed/spayed by six (6) months from the date of sale and a copy of proof of spayed must be given to Debbie Savage seller/breeder. The above name dog will be sold on a non-breeding contract through the Canadian kennel club (ckc). If for any reason_________________ can not keep Maladobís _________ any more she must be returned to Debbie Savage for free.

I Debbie Savage at any time may come see the above named dog.

If the above named dog has been abused or neglected she will be returned to Debbie Savage for free.

The above named dog:

1/must NOT Be trained for guard or protection training.

2/And must NOT be loose by her self to run at large.

3/will have a heated indoor living environment once the outsides temperatures drops below 15 C

4/must go threw dog classes( obedience )

. There are no other agreements on this contract.



Date of sale ___________________

Breeder/Seller Debbie Savage __________________________

Buyer ___________________________

Amount paid __________________

Witness _________________________